James Sheehan
RomaRoma, detailInstallation
Rome, ItalyCast DiscussionThe EpiphanyFill-InTwo WomenAudienceDoc Set BackChalk NoiseChalk Noise - detailLiberty is a DemigodLiberty is a Demigod - detailGrassvilleMathematics of UseMathematics of Use, detailWeaponBlind and the BaachanalTetherTether, detailSelf-portrait During Tragedy at SeaSelf-Portrait During Tragedy at Sea
detailThe AgnosticInstallation of "The Agnostic"
Ahra Lee GalleyDiscussing the Trip
acrylic on paper receipts
(1-years worth of food consumption)Discussing the Trip, detailThe EntranceThe Entrance - detailConfirmInstallation - "Rush the Court"
Leubsdorf Gallery, Hunter College 
Rush the CourtInstallation - "Rush the Court"
Ronald Feldman Gallery
"American Dream"Sofar ChannelSofar Channel - detailThe InsurrectionThe Insurrection, detailDeath CourseChicks with DicksPull AwayWine Dark SeaWine Dark Sea, detailRecommenceRecommence, detailBoredBored, detailRhetoricFieldField, detail
Early 90's